Gingerbread Night

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5:30 pm


Gingerbread Night
Wednesday, December 15th
Fireplace Lounge & Blackplate Ballroom

Enjoy a dinner buffet while crafting the night away working on your gingerbread house. Be as creative as you like; we clean up the mess!

Please click below to register. The buffet begins at 5:30 pm.

$35 for adults, $18 for children ages 4-12, complimentary for children under 4, $30 for each gingerbread house
Plus tax & gratuity


Garden Greens Salad
Fresh Fruit
French Fry Station with Toppings
Nacho & Taco Bar
Gourmet Pizza Station

Dessert: Italian Panna Cotta, Berry & Chocolate Mousse, Candy Station

Iced Tea & Lemonade
Hot Chocolate Station

Member Charge Bar

Please note: Member Accounts will be charged 48 hrs prior to the event. Please let us know of any head count changes and/or cancellations 48-hours in advance. Member accounts will also be charged for additional guests on the day of the event. We hold seats for the number of guests based on registration and an inflated count may cause other members not to be able to attend. Thank you for your attention to this event stipulation.

Registration to the Gingerbread Night will follow our Member Priority Reservation System (MPRS), which gives reservation priority based on membership level.

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