Love Stories from Around the World Wine Dinner

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6:00 pm


Love Stories From Around the World Wine Dinner

Wednesday, February 19th @ 6:00 pm
Fireplace Lounge
The month of February reminds us to appreciate the love in our life. Join us to explore five wine regions from around the world. Each wine will be accompanied by the perfect course pairing and great love story. We know that wine is multi-faceted and complex. So join us for the dry, the full bodied, the spicy, and the fruity that we call wine... and love.
Wine and Dinner Pairings:
1st Course - Austria:
Georg & Maria von Trapp

Wine: Marcus Huber "Hugo" Gruner Vetline
Salad: Frisée Salad 
New Zealand green-lipped mussels, crispy pancetta lardons, shaved radishes, and Meyer lemon vinaigrette
2nd Course - Italy:
Romeo Montague & Juliet Capulet

Wine: Valpolicella Blend Secco-Bertani
Entrée: Caraway Seed Gnocchi
Brown butter seared gnocchi, crispy prosciutto, and goat cheese mousse
3rd Course - France:
Napoleon Bonaparte & Empress Joséphine of France

Wine: Chateau Pindefleurs Bordeaux
Entrée: Lamb Lollipop
Seared lamb, carrot confit, parsnip purée, and almond gremolata
4th Course - California:
George Burns & Gracie Allen

Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Terra Valentine
Entrée: Deconstructed Wellington
Slow roasted sliced tenderloin, marinated portobello mushroom grilled white asparagus, puff pastry slivers, and pomegranate rosemary glaze
5th Course - Spain:
Queen Isabella of Castile & King Ferdinand of Aragon

Wine: Pednox Menez
Dessert: Cinnamon Panna Cotta
Banana chips, cherry balsamic gastrique, and blue cheese cookie
This will be a prix fixe event at $80 per person.
Plus tax and gratuity

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